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Amoura Productions is the leading architectural and real estate media production company. Our exceptional quality and proprietary protocol give clients a competitive edge. You can count on our team to deliver a winning formula for extraordinary reach.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your order, please contact us as soon as possible. You will not receive a late cancel fee if you cancel before 7 a.m. on the day of the photoshoot

We recommend a minimum of 1 photo per 100 finished square ft. On smaller or older properties, 2000 sq ft or below, there tends to be many small rooms and areas so we recommend a minimum of 1 photo per 75 finished square ft. An affordable and convenient way to ensure your clients are satisfied with their photography session is to order extra photos so that you both have options to choose from for your MLS and Marketing needs. While we are able to sell you additional photos from your shoot for $5 per photo, you’ll get the best and more affordable results by ordering a larger package size at the time of the shoot as this allows the photographer more time on-site to choose additional angles and features.

After an allotted amount of standard miles have been traveled, we do implement a mileage fee. The mileage fee is the standard federal rate to help photographers recoup the miles on their vehicles. Metro areas are generally covered with no mileage fee. If you would like to know in advance if your property will incur a mileage fee, please contact us and we can calculate the approximate mileage and drive time charges for you.

For the safety of your pets and our photographers, please remove pets from the property or securely place them in their kennels inside of a garage or closet that you do not want us to photograph. Even the friendliest of pets can become stressed by the presence of our photography equipment.
Properties should be “photo-ready” at the time of the photographer’s arrival. Our team is not trained in real estate staging but we do provide you with a staging video with helpful cleaning and decluttering tips that you will find at the bottom of each confirmation email.
Our team cannot help move items or be on a ladder for safety and insurance reasons. Please make sure the property is ready ahead of your appointment.
Yes, we can still produce beautiful photography in some adverse weather conditions. If there is light rain or snow, we have protective gear for our cameras that allows us to shoot. If the precipitation is too heavy, we will shoot interiors and make arrangements to return for the exteriors. Additional costs may apply. In the case of severe weather that prevents us from traveling to the property, you will be contacted by our office for rescheduling. We can not guarantee a sunny day, though our editing team has implemented a sunny sky for all shoots possible at no extra charge!

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